The pioneer of Financial Planning services in Latur district, Money Mantra Investments was established in 2007 to create awareness among retail investors about Financial Planning & Mutual Funds. We stand proudly today as the most efficient & ethical service provider of all financial products & services.

The central focus of our philosophy is to provide long term value to our esteemed customers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ethics, professionalism and timely service. Over the years, we have been committed to nurturing a sense of savings amongst our investors for creating wealth through regular and long term investments.

We strongly believe in giving back to the society in which we live and work. To this end, we constantly strive to educate our customers about their financial needs & goals and help them achieve the same by making the process of investing more simple, hassle free and enjoyable.

Advising Responsibly…..
So that YOU can Enjoy Life…