Welcome to Money Mantra Investments
Money Mantra Investments is a niche, professionally managed & investor centric financial planning & investment advisory company managed by Mr.Yogesh D. Bulbule, [MBA (Finance)] a certified Investment Planner from Latur, Maharashtra.

We had formed Money Mantra Investments on 15th August 2007 to create awareness among retail investors about financial planning & mutual funds and today we stand proudly as the most efficient service provider for all the financial products & services including the new age financial instruments like mutual funds, debentures and other investment & insurance products. The core speciality of our company is the financial planning services like - Investment Planning, Cash flow Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance Planning, Children's Future Planning, Retirement Planning, Goal Planning etc.

The single focus of ourorganisationis to be the most useful, trusted, reliable & efficient provider of financial services to all our clients.

It is our continuous effort to be a trust worthy advisor to our clients providing them the best investment solutions & personalised services... so that investment becomes an easy, hassle free & enjoyable process.

Why a professional financial planner?

For successful investing, you need to......

  • Invest with knowledge. 
  • Do proper financial planning so as to meet your financial needs with your saving potential.The investment instruments should match- your personal profile, your risk appetite (ability to take risk), your need for liquidity, your investment objective, your investment horizon (period) etc.

In short, thorough knowledge of investment market, strong financial planning & financial market expertise are essential elements of successful investing.

But with our busy schedules & lifestyle, do we really have the time & expertise to take all these pains?Identifying this need, you always need a dependable & expert financial intermediary like Money Mantra whose main function is to guide & serve you the investment plans which are best suitable to your personal profile & market conditions.

Money Management is not Simple, Leave it to the experts, Money Mantra -  Your Financial Planner.

Money Mantra's Investment Philosophy

We at Money Mantra,analysethe complete profile of the investor & recommend a financial solution based on... His investment goal, risk appetite, need for liquidity, investment horizon, future liabilities & responsibilities and his cash flow status.

Thus we can suggest a complete financial solution torealiseyour goals & targets & a balanced portfolio with proper asset allocation.

Services Available at Money Mantra

  • Financial Planning 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Mutual Funds (All Mutual Fund companies operating in India)
  • Life Insurance (SBILife,LIC,HDFCstandard Life,ICICIPruLife & Kotak Life
  • Health Insurance (Star Health & other General Insurance companies)
  • Pension schemes
  • Postal schemes
  • GovtBonds
  • Debentures &FDsof all leading companies
  • IPOs
  • Tax Solutions
One Address, Multiple Investment Services - Money Mantra - One Stop Solution for All your financial worries.